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Bac in front of her paintings

I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Bac Nguyen. I was born in a small village in Viet Nam (Bac Giang's province).When I was 3 years old, our family moved to Danang for my father job ( He was a teacher of Economic University, my mum was a chef cooking for students at the same University).I grew up in Viet Nam. The youngest of 6 in my family, from early age I loved to draw a lot and painting is my hobby, but I have never had a chance to pursue my hobby until now.

Teaching Art Classes

When I was 13 years of age, my mum passed away that was very hard time for me and my family. After that I continued and finished my high schooling ( from small age I always want to go Art University but at that time Vietnam economy  was very difficult (  Projects subsidize by the goverment) and also I did not have enough money to support myself to go University). Instead  went to college for trainning become a teacher. I have been teaching at Kindergarten for 6 years and 2 years teaching art for children 3-5 years of age. After that I moved to live in New Zealand and for 10 years have worked in my husband business and start family.

Natural Painter

I am a natural painter and I am totally self-taught. I find inspiration in life from nature and people. In my painting I try to creative a mood that the viewer can identify with. My aim is a message about the colour of life we live, not only the colours of paint ,in the figurative sense but also the colour of peoples Life is full of diversify and the depth of emotion in a wonderful moment of life experience and surrounding us can be unforgetable .

Most of my painting used Acrylic colours. My style is more airy,  brush strokes , free style.

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Bac Nguyen

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